Hi I’m Sarah E. also known as the Resume Tailor. I wasn’t always a certified professional resume writer. My background was career consulting and recruiting then I took a u-turn to law school. I dumped my full scholarship and legal education when I woke up one day and realized I was living someone else’s dream. Along the way I discovered there were several others just like me, stuck in careers they didn’t love. From that point on it became my mission to help others land the jobs they deserve. Writing has always been my passion in addition to helping others accomplish their dreams, land awesome jobs and reach the highest actualization of their selves. Seeing this happen for my clients is what makes me smile and resume writing helps me deliver those amazing results.

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So how did I specifically get into resume writing? It all started one day when a ton of my friend’s family and their referrals knowing my former background asked for help with their resumes and linked in profiles. I applied all I learned from being a career consultant and individually helped everyone. I began by revamping their resume, linked in profiles and getting them on track with their personal branding.
Every person I helped received incredible results: several online hits on their resumes, increased views on their linked in profiles, call backs for job interviews and ultimately job offers. Once I witnessed these outstanding results and shared their victories I knew I had to make this work my profession. So here I am today, happy and helping people reach their career goals!
How am I different?
Most resume writers give you one standard resume. They take your info and plug it into a system that electronically creates your resume for them. When you work with me you get a real live person who takes the time to understand your background and where you want to go. I can provide you with several resumes if you are applying to multiple jobs or industries. Overall, your documents will be customized for your specific job of interest and tailored to meet you and the employer’s needs.
I know what its like to sit on both sides of the table. As a former Recruiter and career transitioner, I know what employers are looking for and personally what it is like to make a successful career transition.

What to Expect

If you are in Raleigh, Durham, or Chapel Hill NC and need professional resume writing services, I can help! When you work with me expect results. 8/10 clients who have their resumes revamped by me land interviews and it is my goal to do the same for you. Expect someone who treats you like a human being with compassion because I lived knowing what it feels like to be unhappy in a career and stuck. It is my goal to get you going, landing interviews and overall to a happier place in your career!


Anyone can write a resume


While it's possible anyone can write a resume you want to hire someone who specializes in getting you through the ATS. This is how you get an interview and that is what counts!

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